Feb 17 2011

Toe sucking and play with wet bare feet

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Gorgeous lesbian barefoot fetish loving babes Kety and sexy Bridget are enjoying one another’s sexy and wet feet on their horny pussies during their nasty foot fetish bath! These bare foot fetish girl know how to please each other, so they take their time to play with one another’s sexy feet and toes sucking them and pressing against each other’s wet feet! Here you can watch the Foot Fetish video and some more barefoot pics of these sexy lesbian girls


Dec 24 2010

They love to lick another´s sweaty bare feet

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Sexy bare feet hotties Summer and Black Angelica are back and this time its personal. These sweaty sole searching babes cannot keep their hands and lips of each other’s toes and sweaty soles. Check out this amazing bare foot fetish set on hot legs and feet! Here are some more free footfetish pics and a foot fetish tube movie of Summer and Angelica, have fun!


Jan 04 2010

Bare feet banana crushing

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foot fetish crushing

These two hot foot fetish chicks crushing some bananas with their sexy bare feet. Here I post the free banana crushing clip for you. I like their messy feet, and I would love to lick the banana squish from their stunning feet. Check out these foot fetish pictures of their tatsy feet. See her soles with all the banana mush? Isn´t it delicious!?

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messy bare feet after banana crushing

Dec 29 2009

Lick her bare feet and toes

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She loves to lick bare feet and toes. Who not!? I would really relish to lick her cute bare feet. More pics of bare feet licking girls. And you, do you like to lick bare feet of  sexy women? Or do you like it more to suck tehir toes?

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lick her bare feet and toes

Dec 27 2009

Sperm on her bare feet

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She gives her boyfriend a footjob and the guy is jerking off to her sexy bare soles of feet. All his sperm is on her bare feet. I love cum covered bare feet of blonde girls! Hope she will lick her sperm off of her bare soles and clean her feet. If she don´t do it, I would love to lick my sperm off of her bare feet. Check out some more free photos of her sperm covered naked feet.

sperm on her bare feet


I love these footjob stuff and the stunning naked feet of this foot fetish slut…

Dec 25 2009

Do you like to kiss dirty bare feet?

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Oh no, her feet are so dirty! Could somebody please clean them!? Come on and lick them clean, lick the dirty off of my sweaty and stinky bare feet. I love it if you kiss my dirty bare feet! See her feet getting dirty!

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kiss dirty naked feet

Oct 17 2009

Bare sole of female feet

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bare sole of feet girl

One of my favorite, a really horny sole of female feet. This bare feet girl is so cute. She loves it, if sombody licking her bare sole. No matter if its a boy or a girl. The clou is, somebody has a real deep fot fetish and lick and suck her feet the right way.
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And, what do you think, are these feet cute and lickable? If you want some more free pics of sexy female bare feet, here is a nice footjob related blog

Oct 16 2009

Watching bare feet girl on the street

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bare feet privateSometimes I see  males starring the bare feet of girls. They sitting on a bench and watching the feet girls passing by. This guy is cool, he not just starring, he goes to the girl and approach her. They talk about her feet and she let him have a close look to her stunning feet. She liked it to hear all his compliments about her feet. I think males should not be afraid of asking bare feet girls about her feet.
As you can see it here, sometimes it´s working :)
Ok, this summer is gone but the next one is coming soon. So if you like to worship female feet you have to ask. Maybe some of the girls will say no but is one foot fetish girl says yes, you are the winner and you can have fun with a sexy bare feet girl like this one! Until then I recommend this hot foot fetish site!

Oct 15 2009

Licking bare feet

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licking bare feet

What´s better than licking a female feet if you just pull off her pumps!? The secent of her warm leather pumps, her  moist and maybe little bit stinky feet. And than, lick her feet, licking off the sweat of her sole and enjoying her delicious foot scent. I can´t understand why his cock is not getting hard instantly! Befor I lick her bare feet and sweaty toes, I would smell her pumps. Licking bare feet of this feet girl is a big pleasure.
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Oct 09 2009

Female bare feet are full of cum

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Female feet is full of cumYes man, what a big load of cum! That must have been a awesome footjob with a big, big cumshot at the end! SExy female feet which are full of cum are always nice to see but this one is really special! In the next days I will post I picture of this bare feet girl, where she leaves her footprints of these sexy feet full of sperm! A footprint of cum feet, never seen before such horny pics of an bare feet girl like this one here…
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Before she starts the footjob, she teases him with a little shoe dangling. Showing her cute nylon socks and black leather pumps. I love thes horny bare feet girl a lot, even with nylon socks on her feet.
feet with nylon socks on dangling black pumpsWriting about her messy bare feet makes me so hot, I love that bare feet footsex movie! Her bare feet full of sperm are so lickable…  Ok, I hope you have fun with these barefoot fetish pics :)

Oct 07 2009

Cum on her bare feet

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cum on bare feetOh gosh, I love this barefoot picture! What kind of toenail deco is this? Do you know that? I would appreciate it, if you could leave me a comment, if you know the name of that toe styling! What do you think, wouldn´t it be heavenly to get a footjob from these bare feet!? I would makes me so horny, I would lick all of my sperm off of her bare feet and swallow every drop. By the way, if we talking about swallow sperm… I see these footjob pics on a foot fetish blog. I like it a lot, too. He cums in her high heels and swallow his cum. I think it´s very horny, to drink sperm off of skinky shoes of a sexy girl. I would do it, if I only had the chance! And you, would you lick your sperm off of bare feet or high heels?

Oct 07 2009

Barefoot outdoor pics

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barefoot outdoor
She plays outdoor with her bare feet. Walks barefoot and washes her naked feet in a fountain. Thats why I love summer, it´s the best season for a footfetishist. I always watching girls walking along the street in sandals. Dangling her shoes and showing her bare feet if they are trying on a pair of new shoes. I love to watch barefoot girls outdoor. take a look at this barefoot pics, I don´t like her painted toenails on these pictures. But her naked soles of feet are very lickable… If you prefer stockings, you maybe check out this! I see a nice bare feet girl on this site.

Oct 07 2009

Barefoot sex

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barefootShe´s my little footslut, she loves to forced males to lick her bare feet. Take a look at these free barefoot girl pictures. I like to imagine that I stick my tongue between her sweaty and smelly toes. It´s my favorit part of stinky bare feet. Between the toes of smelling bare feet It´s smelling best for me. Wich part of girls bare feet do you like the most? If my wifes comes home from work I always imagine to pull of her shoes and smell her feet.  Do you like female feet worship as well?